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Our moto

Piena ma non disturba

Rich without disturbance, A moto that actually resembles our cuisine, Our ingredients and the unique experience at basilico.

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Fresh Ingredients

Our homegrown, fresh and handpicked ingredients are the secret to our tasty plates.

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Professional Chefs

Our behind the scenes superheroes, they are a team of well trained and efficient.

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An Open Door

Our behind the scenes superheroes, They are a team of well trained and efficient.

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Happy Clients

The result is a heartwarming environment for our exquisite clients.

``Tutta La Famiglia Dentro La Cucina!``

La Famiglia

Home is not home without our family. Thus, We strive to convey this feeling to our customers in all our venues, Through the warm ambience, Friendly staff and delectable dishes. Basilico offers the opportunity to create memories and wants to be a part of our client's happy moments, Either with family or friends. Combined with quality food and refreshing beverages, Basilico is the perfect home for everyone.

what we prepare for


Our array of signature authentic pasta plates are made with the most delicate
pasta and hand-picked freshest ingredients. Prepared with love to make you feel at home.

what we prepare for


Our Special, crusty, authentic pizzas are freshly baked with our homegrown fresh ingredients, baked in our signature wooden oven to ensure premium quality throughout the pizza.

what we prepare for


Our array of signature risotto plates are made with our secret and historic authentic Italian recipes, with our finest ingredients and professional chefs.


Kitchen Experts

Our behind the scenes superheroes, they are a team of well trained, efficient and professional staff.

Head Chef

El Khawaga

Our executive chef is passionate and dedicated to the art of cooking, with over 30 years of experience in Italy and Egypt, He is considered one of the top chefs in Egypt, Known for his quality food and heartwarming smile.

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